Help your son be ready for God to use

Young men can be uniquely challenged in the area of purity – and not just related to sexual temptation. This guide helps you discuss with your son the need to be kept pure from greed, selfishness and other destructive life patterns.


You’ll notice five types of content in this guide

This guide does not focus exclusively on sexual topics, but, depending on how you handle it, those may come up. This could help you establish an age-appropriate and safe environment to discuss how men can stay untarnished by the world and be a clean, ready vessel for the Father’s use


1 > Say

This is material for you to read or paraphrase as you talk with your son. When possible, try to put these comments in your own words, but it’s okay to read some of this brief content. 


2 > Ask

Sorry, but your son’s may be growing tired of your lectures. So, we help you engage their mind and open up through thought provoking questions. These are questions you will use to initiate discussion with your son. Be sure to listen to his response and ask your own follow-up questions to keep the conversation going.



3 > Just for dad—Instructions and background info

These notes are included to help you lead these discussions with your son. They include some background material on Bible passages, ideas for you as you lead, and other helpful information. As the “just for dad” name implies, don’t read this material out loud. You will do best in leading these sessions if you read through each one beforehand, and these instructions and background information will help.



4 > Just for dads—tips

Along the journey, take time to walk through Scripture with your son. It makes the trip more fun, and gives you a great chance to find treasures along the way. These are simple reminders and tips for you as you lead.


5 > Bible Passages

Every session includes Scripture for you or your son to read. This is the foundation of these sessions. With God’s Word as their compass, our sons can navigate this life with confidence. Theme verses anchor the guidebook and can be great memorization tools.


Have fun! Enjoy these valuable moments together with your son. 


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