Lead a group to discern truth from lies

You and your son are bombarded with lies from the enemy. This Group Guide helps you discuss four lies to which men can fall prey, and how to expose them by becoming Bible-smart “lie detectors.” 



Giving Directions

We gotta help our sons head down the right path. Manhood Myths does that, but also gives them tools so they don’t get lost along the way.


Navigating Danger

With God’s Word as their compass, our sons can navigate this life with confidence. Bible verses anchor the guide and discussion questions and leader prompts help you know what to say and when to say it.


Mind Mapping

Sorry, but your son’s may be growing tired of your lectures. So, we help you engage their mind and open up through thought provoking questions.



Traveling Together

Along the journey, take time to walk through Scripture with your son. It makes the trip more fun, and gives you a great chance to find treasures along the way. Here's what you'll cover when you have this full guide.


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